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Seeing Auras Exercises

To see your own aura:
Low light is the best way to start. Turn out the lights and lay on the bed. Let natural light in from the window. Hold your hands out at full distance in front of you. Don't stare hard but just gaze at your hands. Allow your eyes to become slightly out of focus. Slowly bring your fingertips together until they are almost touching. You will notice a cloudy blue haze appear around your finger. This is the etheric aura. If you do not see it around your finger, look at the space between your fingers. Now place your palms together and slightly apart. Look at the space between them. You will notice it a bit hazy. This is your aura.
Another method of seeing your own aura is to find a mirror in a well lit room and relax, looking at your head and shoulder area. Focus on one side of your head and soon you should be able to see the aura around your head.

A very basic beginners exercise to see the aura is to place a black piece of paper next to a white piece of paper, over lapping each other slightly. Stare at the white paper about two inches away from the edge of the black paper. Let your vision go a bit hazy and unfocused and look for the black papers aura on the white paper. After successfully practicing this aura exercise, go on to the one below to learn how to see people's auras.

To see someone else's aura:
Ask someone to stand against a white wall, placing their back to the wall. Stare at a spot on the wall a bit above the person, allowing your eyes to go a bit out of focus. Around the brow chakra or slightly above it. Keep staring in this unfocused way and after about 60 seconds, analyze the surroundings with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot. Continuing the concentration is most important. Resist temptation to look around. You will begin to see a slight hazy outline extending from the person's body. This is their aura. At first it will most likely look very transparent and a hazy white. As you continue practicing to read auras and progress in your ability, you will be able to see or feel the color of auras. You should see that the background nearby the person is brighter and has a different color than the background further away. This is your own perception of the Aura. The longer you concentrate, the better you will see it. Most advanced Aura exercises are performed in total darkness, but require hours of concentration and systematic practice. You may even see or sense images in the aura. Some find it difficult to actually see colors of auras and find it beneficial to close their eyes and feel the colors instead. When unable to use a white background, keep in mind a color background will change Aura colors, so you need additional knowledge about combining colors. Some combinations of background and Aura colors may cause misinterpretation problems.

After becoming adept in seeing auras, you may wish to practice more advanced exercises such as the following.

Have the person, standing against a white background with their back to the wall, visualize surrounding themselves in bright light. Have them attempt to push/grow their aura as far as they can and notice how their aura changes. Have them attempt to change the color and feel of their aura. Then ask them to attempt to suck their aura in deep, notice the changes again. Ask them to think of someone or something that gives them feelings of total love, and notice the aura. You may practice this exercise, asking the person to think of many different emotions, and noting how the aura changes and what you feel in relationship to this aura change.

Other exercises to try: Ask the person to call angels to their side and watch their aura. Watch the colors come from outside the aura of the person and into their energy field. This is angels. They may come and go and may be many. A shadow is a spirit coming to the persons side.

FEELING THE AURA Hold your hands out in front of you, palms facing each other, about a foot apart. Slowly move your palms closer together and pay attention to the feeling of the air between your hands. As your palms get closer, you will notice the space feel more dense. This is your aura. If you are having difficulty feeling it, try doing the exercise with your eyes closed and paying strict attention to the feeling between your palms. You may also briskly rub your palms together for a few sections before attempting this exercise to stimulate the circulation and sensitivities of your palms. You will feel a slight vibration.
Hold the palms of your hands facing each other about two inches apart. Wait a few seconds. You will feel something. Once you begin to feel the sensation of electromagnetic energies between your palms, move them slowly to and fro. You will feel the movement of your aura. Look between your hands to see the aura. Try moving your palms further and further apart slowly. See how far you can go before you no longer feel the 'pull'. Remember to check periodically by moving your hands slightly and slowly. Now try pointing your fingers towards each other and feel those energies. Again move your fingertips to and fro.

Aura Colors
Once you become comfortable with seeing auras, you will begin to see specific colors in each persons aura. The different colors, and shades, mean different things about the persons current emotions and personality and situations. You will find many web sites that want to tell you what the different colors mean, but I would not recommend that, because each color represents something different for each person. For example, purple to me is a sign of someone in a healing profession or someone who has been a care taker. The stronger and larger the purple in the aura, the more they have cared for others. Now, purple to someone else may signify a financial situation. You may use 'aura colors' web sites to give you an example of what colors mean to other people, but please keep in mind that it can, and does, change for each person. What you need to do is to decide for yourself what each color represents. Easier said then done, right? This is what you do, Practice practice practice. hehe. Look at someones aura and take the time to truly 'feel' and 'see' the aura. Now, notice what feelings you feel. Do you have any sense of certain emotions? You will need to keep a journal of the colors and what you have received and as you practice more, you will refine your answers in your journal.

The following is a list of aura colors and their possible meanings. These lists are what many go by when reading auras, until they are able to develop their own set of definitions for each color:

Strong Emotions such as anger, hate, passion

Outgoing, spontaneous, social person, excitement

Mental, concentration, learning, teaching

Natures growth and healing, finances

Creativity, intuition, imagination, love of home

Spiritual, helper, care taker

Compassion, love

Purity of spirit, life force

Illness, Injury, Depression, negativity

Spiritual strength

Highest spiritual energies