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Clairvoyance Exercises

Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychically. You can see images, colors, shapes, outlines, still pictures, moving pictures, etc with your minds eye. I have listed several exercises to help improve clairvoyance.

The following is an exercise to improve Clairvoyance: Practice closing your eyes and noticing what pictures float through your mind's eye. Just notice them. These are the things that are "on your mind." Some are just clutter from your day, and others really do need your attention. Write them down, and ask yourself what they may be about. See if there are any small steps you can take to resolve them. This will help you become more aware of the difference between the clutter you pick up from the world around you, and your own internal clairvoyant "messages to self." It is a good idea to do this daily and keep a journal of what you see and what you feel each image is about. In time, you will come to tell which are clairvoyant images and which are clutter from every day activities.

Clarity-Builder: Practice looking at an object or image, then visualizing it exactly in your mind's eye-down to the last detail. This will help you create clearer images when you look at things clairvoyantly.

My Fruit Clairvoyance Exercise Imagine an apple in your mind. Take your time and visualize it in detail. The color, shape, texture, feel. Spin the apple in your mind and notice the differences in any color or shapes. Notice if there are any blemishes, bruises, dents, etc. Now take a deep breath and smell the apple. Allow the color and smell of the apple to penetrate your senses. Now taste it. Feel its texture.
Perform this exercise with different fruits, being sure to see the color, taste it, smell it, and feel the texture of each different fruit. Some good fruits to practice with are pears, kiwi, banana, orange. This will help develop your other sense as well.