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Understanding Symbols from Spirit

While developing our clairvoyance, we will see symbols on occasion that stand for something else. Our guides use symbols to communicate with us and it is our responsibility to determine what those symbols mean. Our guides know us inside and out, and therefore, will use symbols to attempt to get their point across to us. They know what different symbols would mean to us and use them so we can interpret them into the meaning our guide is trying to show us. Our guides are never wrong. When we do readings that are 'off', it is never the guide giving us wrong information. It may be information that was meant for someone else, or many times the problem was not with the information (symbols) but the way we interpreted the information our guide sent us.

There are many books that give symbols and descriptions of their meanings. These books really cannot be used as a sure interpretation of symbols because each symbol and its meaning is unique to each person and their guide. So there is no quick symbol look up table that is going to help us. The best way to learn how to interpret the symbols our guide sends us, is to take time to reflect upon each one. Possibly do a relaxing meditation before hand to calm and focus the mind. Then, think of a symbol and take notes on any feelings or thoughts you associate with that symbol. Make sure to keep a Symbol Journal. As you receive symbols from your guides, write those symbols in your journal and their meaning, if they have any to you at that time. Do not worry if you have not figured out the meaning of your symbol, just write it in your journal and at another time you can come back to it and concentrate upon it and see what you get.

A great way to interpret symbol meanings is to play a word associate game with them. I write down as many symbols as I can think of in my journal, then do a quick meditation, and then have someone say or show me each symbol, and record what the first thing is that pops into my mind, or any senses I've felt. You can refer back to your journal whenever you receive a symbol of which you are unsure of the interpretation. If the meaning you came up with still doesn't feel right, then take your time and you will learn to adjust it as you go. Once you come up with a strong symbol interpretation that works with both you and your guide, you will know it.